Final Printing of the Yellow Unisex Tanks

For three years now—since the original Hang Loose design came out—I've been enjoying the yellow summer tanks that I've been able to put out. Unfortunately, due to the retirement of the Banana Cream Unisex Tank Top blanks by Next Level I am no long able to use this beautiful color to make unisex tank tops. 

This is super unfortunate because this summer I released not just one, but TWO summer designs that would have been amazing on unisex tank tops. Sun Skull and Coco Cabana are two prime designs that I'm super happy with that are available on t-shirts and women's racerbacks, but it's looking like they won't make it onto beautiful unisex tank tops. 

I've been asked if I could use a different blank to make the unisex tanks happen for these new designs, but there are two reasons why at the moment it's a negative: 1) all of my tank tops are on Next Level and it's important to keep the consistency of quality, and 2) that Banana Cream color is so unique that it's really hard to find anything similar in a high quality garment. I've looked, and while I will continue to keep my eyes open it's looking like this is the end of a small era. 

Last Call For These Tanks

I will, of course, continue to print the t-shirts and racerback tanks as long as I can. That said, this is a last call for the final printing of the Hang Loose and Hammered at Sea unisex tank tops! If you've wanted one of these, now is the time because they eventually will be retired and gone for good. 

The upside to this is that I will have to be creative with some new colors next summer!