Noir Series 1

I've been keeping very quiet about this release, and I'm very excited to announce it. Noir is a darker take on some of my favorite classic designs with new clothing items including zip up hoodies, t-shirts, tank tops for men and women, and patches. I haven't done hoodies in years, and I have to say these turned out amazing.

There are some great Early Bird specials including freebies that will be available for the first day only. Visit the full  Noir Series 1 collection page for all of the details and products that are available in this collection. 

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The second thing you can do is follow  @Seventh.Ink on Instagram. I post lots of great content there including new product news, work in progress stuff, and the occasional video. It's a great place to keep up with restocks as well since I don't send an email for every patch or pin that gets restocked.