One More Oughta Do It Engraved Art - Beer Painted Frame Limited Edition of 7 (No Discounts)

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This fine art piece is made of three layers of Baltic Birch that have been engraved and put together to form an original work of art. I have tediously designed this piece to make something very unique and new as I journey more into the world of fine art. 

This edition is strictly limited to 7. This edition includes a frame that was hand painted with Guinness Stout beer. This adds a stronger contrast and much more personal touch to the piece. Each piece has an engraved title, edition number, and signature on the back.

Once sold out, this piece will not ever be available again.

The frame is a double stack of two pieces to give it extra depth around the piece. The bottom two pieces of wood have a hidden circular hole cut out on the back to allow for easy hanging without any additional hardware. 

The piece has been sealed with a matte UV coating that will protect the beer elements from fading over time. All the same, best to keep this item out of direct sunlight and away from water. 

Given the variability of wood grain and the fact that these are put together by hand, each piece is unique. A large attention to detail has been given throughout the entire process of putting these together.

The size of this item is 12" tall x 12" wide. 

This is an original work of art. No returns are accepted for this item. Please limit to one per household. No discount codes are allowed on this item due to it being a fine art item.

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